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Is there a jewel in your photo collection? Since digital photography became the norm, we take significantly more photos. Despite this some of our best photos remain hidden away in the digital vaults of our computers and portable storage. The loss of the refrigerator snapshot Digital photography has had a noticeable effect on how we... Continue Reading →

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Erik Almas – Beautiful Work!

Erik Almas was born in Norway and currently lives in San Fransisco. He was given a camera as a present at the age of 12 and later studied photography for 4 years at the Academy of Art University. He had many tutors and mentors and developed a unique style to his photography. He has won... Continue Reading →

Henri Cartier Bresson: His Life and Work

Anyone who’s interested in photography will know that there are many greats, greats that shaped the world of photography as we know and love it today; Henri Cartier Bresson was one of them. As a key influence in street and candid photography, Cartier Bresson’s impact cannot be denied. Henri Cartier Bresson was born in France... Continue Reading →

Vivian Maier – (1926 – 2009)

Continuing our look at Vivian Maier here are 4 further images of her work. I wonder who this amazing photographer really was? All we know is that she was a Chicago nanny who seemed to keep to herself. Read more about her life in our our first article titled the The enigma of a genius New... Continue Reading →

Uma Thurman by Albert Watson

A great photo of Actress Uma Thurman by Scotland born photographer Albert Watson. This photograph was taken in his studio in the early 1990s and is one of my favourite photos of Uma Thurman #umathurman#celebrityphotography #blackandwhite#blackandwhitephotography #picoftheday#photooftheday #actress #albertwatson#film #movies

Eugene Atget – A pioneer of documentary photography and another photographer whose genius was recognised too late

Eugène Atget - Staircase, Montmartre 1924 Eugène Atget was born in France on the 12th February 1857. He was a pioneer of documentary photography, noted for his desire to document all of the architecture and street scenes of Paris before their disappearance to modernisation. Most of his photographs were first published by Berenice Abbott after... Continue Reading →

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